LaserTek’s Xerox eConcierge Printer Service

You are under no obligations, there is no contract to sign, there are no fees to register, purchase supplies through LaserTek’s Xerox branded web site and thus qualifies you for FREE service coverage for the life of your Xerox printers.

Call LaserTek for any service-related issues on your Xerox printers for FREE LABOR, FREE TRAVEL, and FREE PARTS. Note: Any item that’s considered “Consumables” is not free. (i.e., TONERS, FUSERS, TRANSFER BELTS, IMAGING UNITS, ETC.) Also, to be eligible, the Xerox printer must be in working condition with no present repair issues or error codes.

In addition, any existing Xerox supplies that you now have in stock will have to be maintained at the current level at sign up and when the program asks you to order you will need to order to preserve your service entitlement.

Please note that the printer must be “NETWORKED” to register. Once registered, you can begin ordering supplies online. All supplies will be shipped to you the next day. Please contact us with any questions or comments.