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Roland DGA TrafficWorks Traffic Sign Printer Solution RTW-540


Create a new revenue source for your sign shop or bring all of your regulatory, guide, warning, and construction signage in-house with Roland DGA TrafficWorks™, the traffic sign printer solution from Roland DGA. Print and cut traffic signage on reflective media with a simple and cost-effective solution that offers all the tools and training you need to start making traffic signage a successful part of your business.


  • A TrueVIS VG2 series machine with a full set of TR2 inks in CMYK+Lc+Lm+Lk+Or, ORALITE® 5900 media roll, 5061 lamination, and a DU2 dryer unit
  • Printed traffic sign colors are compliant* with ASTM guidelines and MUTCD standards
  • Roland DGA TrafficWorks™ compliance training to become a certified traffic signs and graphics producer


*Six of the seven standard traffic sign colors are compliant: Red, Brown, Green, Blue, Black and Orange. If Yellow compliance is required, printing directly on ORALITE 5900 Yellow material is recommended.