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Eco Solvent

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Eco-solvent inks are the most commonly used inks for long-term exterior applications such as signage and vehicle graphics. They are the most durable of all three ink types and can be fixed to uncoated media.

Eco-solvent inks are widely favored by individuals and organizations seeking to reduce their environmental impact. They work through a rapid chemical process and have fairly low requirements for use. For that reason, they can be safely used within enclosed spaces, although it’s best to have good ventilation in smaller areas. They are well suited for indoor signage.

Compared with traditional solvent-based inks, Eco-solvent inks give off only faint odors and they ensure less frequent cleaning of inkjet nozzles. They also offer superior scratch, weather, and chemical resistance.  See below for more information on these high-quality inks.

  • SS21+
  • AS5
  • ES3
  • BS4+
  • CS100

Applicable products:CJV150 Series;CJV300 Series;JV150 Series;JV300 Series;SWJ-320;JV33-160;JV100-160